Why is There a WBAI Staff Ballot Emergency?

I can understand why there's a big problem with the listener ballots in this current 2009, WBAI election. The Elections Supervisors have told us about it. But why are Staff not getting ballots? We know that the Staff list was done this year and was sent to the Elections Supervisors. And even if they had used a list from two years ago it wouldn't have mattered much because mostly the same people are on that list as would be on the current list, so most Staff would be getting ballots.

Pickles of the North hasn't gotten a ballot yet, despite her having written to the Elections Supervisors about it several times. The other Saddle Pals haven't gotten ballots either, and I know of a bunch of other Staff who haven't gotten ballots. I'm apparently one of the rare Staff who has gotten a ballot for this election.

Below are the E-mails I've sent and received about this. I'll keep this page updated, if I ever get another reply, or even an actual answer to my questions.

Subject: Why is there a WBAI Staff ballot emergency?
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 16:30:43 -0500
From: R. Paul Martin
To: Les Radke , Ethan Young
CC: Mitchel Cohen , pnb

As of this afternoon my wife has still not gotten her Staff ballot for this election. She and I live together, and I got a ballot months ago. She has been writing to the Local and National Elections Supervisors about this since September 23. She had written several times. She has yet to receive a ballot or a reply to her requests that she be sent one.

As of this weekend several other Staff I ran into at the station still have not received ballots. I know that other Staff who are not friends of mine have also been complaining about still not having received their ballots.

Why is this happening? What will be done about it?

I know that the listener balloting has been fouled up by the wrong list having been utilized, but this can't be affecting the Staff list. Why did so many Staff not get their ballots? And why have repeated requests for Staff ballots received neither ballots nor acknowledgments of the requests?

It's getting very close to the time when ballots will not be able to make it to the ballot box by the deadline even if they are ever sent out. Are you going to be collecting ballots in person at the station? If so I would strongly suggest that there be more than a single day when this will be done. Not everyone can wrench their schedules around to make it to the station on a single day.

I am making this E-mail public. I will make any reply to it, if I ever receive one, public also.

cc: sundry

Local Election Supervisor Ethan Young replied, but I don't think I got an answer.

Subject: Re: Why is there a WBAI Staff ballot emergency?
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 11:00:17 -0500
From: Ethan Young
To: R. Paul Martin

I have kept my yap shut because I wasn't sure about how or when the list fiasco would be resolved. I have already had to put out information that has had to be changed, causing confusion that I didn't want repeated.

Pacifica found itself in a very complicated mess, made all the worse by all the problems - financial and organizational - that BAI is heir to. That was why a consultant was brought in to sort it all out. While not part of this process, I have been given detailed proof that it's under control.

Staff members will get a ballot. There is some question about certain folks claiming staff status. Some will not get ballots.

The deadline has been extended to December 10. I am encouraging people to send their ballots in, not bring them to the station. There will be no extension beyond December 10 in any case.

Ethan Young
Local Election Supervisor

I then decided to send another E-mail that would be very succinct. I have yet to receive a reply.

Subject: Re: Why is there a WBAI Staff ballot emergency?
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 19:47:37 -0500
From: R. Paul Martin
To: Ethan Young , Les Radke

My question is simple: Why are Staff not getting ballots?

There is no issue of a wrong list of Staff having been sent out. My wife and other Staff, including Paid Staff, have not received any ballots as of today.

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