Music Copyright & Licensing: Rules & Regulations

Rules Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The DMCA is a federal law passed by Congress in 1996. Its rules are as follows.

During a three hour period one may:

In Addition:

Music recorded on international labels should be reported. SoundExchange swaps information and fees with its counterparts abroad.

Advance program schedule or prior announcement of song titles may not be transmitted by text, video or audio.

You may not publish advance program guides or use other means to pre-announce when particular sound recordings will be played.

Your program must not be part of an “interactive service.” This means that you cannot perform sound recordings within one hour of a request by a listener or at a time designated by the listener.

Rebroadcasts of programs may be performed at scheduled times as follows:

Continuously looped program streams may not be less than three hours long (per cycle).

You should pass through (and not disable or remove) identification or technological protection information included in the sound recording (if any).

Requirements of The CPB-SoundExchange Agreement

This 2009 agreement was created as a mechanism to meet the legal and monetary requirements imposed by the DMCA. This agreement imposes additional requirements.

We must submit quarterly reports with this required information for each instance of copyrighted musical material:

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