Motion from the WBAI LSB Finance Committee Passed by the the LSB on August 21, 2007

Below is the motion as passed by the WBAI LSB, the part in blue was added during the meeting.

Motion from LSB Finance Committee
Regarding WBAI FY 2008 budget

The LSB Finance Committee recommends that the LSB approve the budget provisionally recommended by the LSB at its August 6, 2007 meeting (i.e, containing NO staff layoffs, cutbacks, pay freeze or pay cuts) with the following stipulations:

a) that the Advertising/Promotion expense line be increased to $10,000 for advertising in media serving diverse communities in accordance with Pacifica's mission, and that ad placement be done by Management and designated Staff in collaboration with the LSB's Membership, Outreach and Fundraising Committee;

b) that the Treasurer is authorized to review with management the statement of Staff Leave and Vacation costs prepared by the Business Manager and Interim General Manager, and to amend, as needed, the salary line in the proposed FY08 budget;

c) that the budget be approved only for the first quarter of FY 2008, with the LSB Finance Committee to convene a Recovery Plan Working Group including the involvement of the Interim General Manager, the Business Manager, and other paid and unpaid staff, to develop specific proposals for increased revenues and reduced costs in a revised budget for the remainder of the fiscal year; and

d) that the LSB request from the PNB a waiver of the one-month reserve requirement for this budget.

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