allowed to exercise a proxy over the telephone.

After this the same slate members wanted their absent slate-mate to be able to vote on regular motions at this LSB meeting. The chair ruled that this would still be a proxy. This ruling was also appealed and we went through the same debates again! This time the argument was that the absent member was actually present. I'm not kidding, this was an actual point of debate.

This attempt to overturn the chair's ruling also failed by one vote and the absent member, who had had to hang up and/or had gotten disconnected was not allowed to vote in this meeting.

All of this took quite a bit of time and the long suffering Mr. Botwinnik, who was there to enable the balloted voting to happen, ended up having to stay till the end of the meeting.

Of course if the absent member had been allowed to vote by proxy in violation of the Pacifica bylaws then all of the voting for the PNB committees and all other votes participated in by that member would have been null and void, which would have meant a much more serious waste of time.

The Pacifica National Board Wants
(A Limited Number Of) Us

At its first meeting in March (see Vol. 1 #2) the Pacifica National Board created four standing committees and two ad hoc committees to which each LSB is required to elect two LSB members. These LSB members must not be Directors (the members of the PNB are Directors, the rest of us are delegates). The PNB Standing committees are:

• Governance
• Technology
• Programming
• Audit

The PNB ad hoc committees are:

• Executive Review
• Elections Review

The bylaws say that these elections must be conducted by the same complex voting process (Single Transferrable Voting) that was used to elect

LSB members in the first place. It requires the use of a rather slow computer program to tabulate the votes. So we held nominations and we each voted on our paper ballots which Mr. Botwinnik then transferred to the computer.

We had more public comment periods while waiting for election results.

The following folks were elected to the respective PNB committees:

Ad Hoc Executive Review Committee: Steve Brown & Kathy Goldman

Ad Hoc Elections Committee: Carolyn Birden & Cerene Roberts.

Programming Committee: Cerene Roberts & Alex Steinberg.

Governance Committee: R. Paul Martin & Kathy Goldman.

Unfortunately, we couldn't complete the voting for all of the committees because we ran out of time. Too bad so much time got taken up with the illegal proxy business.

A motion was proposed to deal with scheduling conflicts among the LSB committees. This motion would have resulted in committee meetings which were already scheduled and advertised being canceled and rescheduled. It did not pass.

This meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM.

The next LSB meeting will be held on April 28, at 6:30 PM at the Harlem State Office Building, 163 West 125th St. 8th floor, room 8A.

On Friday, April 23, there appeared on the Goodlight message board (listenerforums.net) a posting from something calling itself the “Administrative Council” of Pacifica. Turns out this body consists of Pacifica's Executive Director, Chief Financial Office and all 5 station GMs. They want to restrict Directors' ability to access some Pacifica information. The law says the Directors can't be restricted. The PNB will hold a special meeting about this on April 28.

three radios

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