Below is the motion passed by the ad hoc WBAI LSB Radio Show Commitee censuring Cerene Roberts.

The WBAI LSB Radio Committee censures the actions of Cerene Roberts for deceiving Program Director, Bernard White and Wake Up Call host/producer, Deepa Fernandes to obtain air time for the April 26, 2007, Report From The WBAI LSB. (See below for Bernard White’s email to the committee.) She misrepresented herself as the contact person for this committee. She also usurped the authority and the responsibilities of Public Affairs Director, Kathy Davis, who was designated by this committee to secure air time.

The Radio Committee also censures the actions of Cerene Roberts for divisively mis-characterizing the work of this committee at the April 30, 2007 LSB meeting. Additionally, she presented her own motion to counter the committee’s motion which had been agreed upon by consensus. Further, she attempted to usurp the role of the Radio Committee in shaping the structure and the content of the LSB Report.

Consequently, she violated process and she violated the trust and the work of both the Staff and her fellow committee members. And finally, she obstructed the ability of the LSB to report on the radio to its constituents.

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Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007 4:46:31 PM
Subject: LSB Report
To: All Concerned Parties
From: Bernard White, Program Director
Date: April 23, 2007 Subject: LSB Report

I meant to get this email out to all concerned parties last week but I was called away to attend the PNB meeting in Washington DC and did not get a chance to send it out or discuss it. For that I apologize. On or about Wednesday April 18th I spoke with Deepa Fernandes regarding the LSB Report. Deepa said that she spoke with Cerene Roberts, representative of the committee, about the date for the upcoming LSB Report. She further stated that it was her understanding from that conversation that the decision to have the LSB meeting during Wakeup Call on Thursday, April 26th was a decision agreed upon by me and that it was au fait accompli. I informed Deepa that I had not agreed on that date. I further stated that it was unfair to view Wakeup Call and Talkback as the sole or primary providers of time for the LSB report. I have also had several discussions with Katy Davis, Public Affairs Director about the scheduling of this report and the unfairness of our present practice. We have talked about the necessity and logic of spreading this report throughout the broadcast schedule and were going find another location for this broadcast.

After talking with Deepa I then spoke to Cerene Roberts about the scheduling of the report and the logistics of having all LSB participants available for their presentations. I also informed her that the report would not solely be aired on Wakeup Call and Talkback.

Following my conversations with all of the aforementioned I decided that we will proceed with the LSB Report on Thursday, April 26th and that for the rest of 2007 there will be no more time taken from Talkback or Wakeup Call. I know that this decision does not please everyone involved but I think that it is fair.

Resolution: I want the committee to submit all future requests for the LSB on-air report in writing. I will then communicate my decision to the committee in writing.

****Please distribute this information to the rest of the committee members.****

Bernard White

Roll-call vote:

Yes (to amend) No Abstention
Birden Osson Kai
Davis Heerwagen  
Rhodes Bediako, N.  
Fishman Roberts  

Yes, 6 No, 4

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