The following motion was brought to the WBAI LSB by the ad hoc LSB Radio Show committee on June 26, 2007.

Whereas, the purpose of the LSB program is to report on the work of the board and on issues of concern for the station, be it resolved that:

Monthly on-air LSB reports will have LSB staff-members invited to serve as hosts, in alphabetical order. Hosting duties shall not affect a staff-members eligibility to report, except that one should not serve as host and guest on the same program.

The first report of the year will include presentations of the local board officers and members of the Pacifica National Board. In the remaining months, one hour of each report will feature four LSB members, who have not already appeared, running alphabetically. If anyone is unavailable at the time of his or her alphabetical rotation, the next person can be called, and the first party can participate in the next regular report. LSB members who are active on committees shall report on their committees during their regular time on air.

The time allotted for reports will be two hours, which will include brief updates on the work of the LSB and its committees, the Pacifica network, the PNB, issues of significance, and announcements of board meetings and events. At least half of the allotted time will be devoted to listener calls.

In an effort to provide the greatest outreach to each listener, the committee will explore several formats and scheduling options. The LSB recommends that if its live on-air report is rotated throughout the program schedule, that it be done in such a way that it does not repeatedly affect the same programs.

Consistent with the Fair Election Campaign Rules, no listener-member, who is eligible to run for election, shall participate in any on-air report as of the day nominations open.

The Radio Committee shall meet before each scheduled broadcast date to plan the program and to designate two or more persons who will be responsible for implementation. If, for whatever reason, the plan cannot be implemented, the committee should be promptly informed and consulted on how to deal with the problem. In the absence of a decision by the committee, the implementers will consult With each other to seek a solution. The implementers' primary responsibility is to act in good faith to fulfill the intent of the plan.

The Radio Committee shall designate a member to be responsible for coordinating the promotion of the LSB Report through the use of a cart, websites, the LSB hotline, various listserves, and the WBAI newsletter, and a member to coordinate the scheduling of the show with the appropriate WBAI department head and/or the program Director.

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