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makes recommendations to the general manager. (See Jt.Ex. 1; Tr. 245) Though volunteers can

apply for paid positions, they receive no special consideration or preference because of their

volunteer status, (Tr. 226).

         In contrast, the unpaid staff is not subject to these procedures.  The process of 

volunteers getting involved is informal, loose and unstructured as Martin testified, some people 

"drift in, some are brought in by management, some people are brought in by department heads,

some people come in through collectives, people know them and they get in through a collective

of some sort," (Tr. 249).

         Martin testified to a number of occasions when department heads (who are unit members)

brought in various unpaid staff.  As he explained, the department heads have control over

certain amounts of air time and "if they decide they want to put somebody in to do a certain

thing or two, they can put them in there."  (Tr. 251).

           As for others, some just come to the station, say they would like to do something and 

would be directed to a department head to see if that person wants to use them.  Or someone

doing a program will invite someone in to help them with their program.  These unpaid staff can

and do invite people on their shows, and then make them regulars.  A volunteer who performs at

least 10 hours per month for four months, or 20 hours for 2 months becomes designated "unpaid

staff" under the collective bargaining

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