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         Thus, R. Paul Martin, Chief Steward of the Union and an unpaid producer, testified that

he had been at WBAI for 14 years.  He hosted and produces a program called "Back of the Book"

which is aired on alternative Sunday nights (Monday morning) at 1:00 A.M for 2 hours. (Tr. 183).

He prepared for the program at home and a "little bit at the station."

         Martin's preparation for the program involves reading, calling people about new books

that are out, sometimes viewing videos and internet web materials, (Tr. 184-185).  Martin

described his show as "free form live radio which basically means the producer goes on and

produces what he or she thinks is good radio for that slot.,," (Tr. 202). Martin will decide

whether to take call-ins during his show depending on "[whether I feel like it." (Tr. 204) He

does his own engineering on the show.  Martin operates under the Program Director whose

"direction" consists of telling him not to have live guests (that was 10 years ago); (Tr. 205)

at the initiation of the program, whether or not its going to be scheduled an the air and at

certain times, whether your program is being preempted by other programming. (Tr. 187).

The Program Director has indicated to Martin he has heard the show from time to time but

made no suggestions as to changing it. (Tr. 208).

         In addition, producers are expected to "pitch," that is to ask listeners to their

program to contribute during the fundraising drives that usually take place three times a year.

(Tr. 197; 214).

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