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for and received a grant from Media Network for her "Building Bridges" program.  The money went

to pay for the expenses of producing the show, engineering and mixing and publicity.  The money

went directly to Ms. Rosenberg and was dispensed by her as she felt was needed. (Tr. 286-287).

         Thomas Shine testified that when he came to the Station, he could not turn a headset on

properly, that he sat "at the foot" of various staffers and "I was allowed to sit behind them

and watch and given chores to do to learn how to do them better. . .  For the first year any

time anybody did anything, I was there watching, I wanted to learn." (Tr. 296).  In discussing

the fact that except for fund drives (when he acts as a coordinator of volunteers) he does not

get paid, despite his long hours at the Station, he stated:

         What has been money for me has been
         the work that I've been able to put on the
         air.   (Tr. 299) . . . .

He cited the recognition he received in his community as his compensation. (Tr. 299).

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