- 17 -
                    dictionary definition of
                    "employee." (citation omitted)

  (emphasis added).

See Also Sunland Construction Co., 309 NLRB 1224, 1225-26 (1992). In examining the legislative 

history, the Board found:
                    Although Congress did. not
                    specifically consider the status of
                    union organizers when enacting
                    Section 2(3), it expansively
                    referred to "employees" as
                    "workers," "wage earners,"
                    "workmen," and every man on the
                    payroll."  Even when Congress
                    amended section 2(3) in 1947
                    specifically to exclude additional
                    classifications from the definition
                    of "employee," it did not narrow
                    the general definition of "employee."
                    Rather, Congress continued to
                    describe "employees" inclusively as
                    individuals "work(ing) for another
                    for hire." and "work(ing) for wages
                    and salaries under direct

309 NLRB at 1253-54 (emphasis added) see also Sunland, 309 NLRB at 1226.

         In General Teamsters and Food Processing Local 87, 273 NLRB 1838, 1840 (1985), the

Board related some of the legislative history of Section 2(3) in distinguishing between

employees and independent contractors.  The legislative history, in relevant part, provided:

                    An "employee," according to all
                    standard dictionaries, according to
                    the law as the courts have stated
                    it, and according to the under-
                    standing of almost everyone, with
                    the exception of members of the
                    National Labor Relations Board,
                    means someone who works for another
                    for hire . . . . Employees" work

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