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assistant, a premium coordinator and data entry person, all of whom are paid and in the unit. in 

addition, there is a Folio Editor who produces a program guide six times a year.  He is paid and

a unit member.

         Finally, there is a Business Director who is paid and in the unit.  Her

responsibilities are to "conduct and supervise business office activities for the station .. . .

prepare financial reports; and to "work directly with the General Manager on all fiscal

planning and business activities. (See Description of Business Manager, Er.Ex. 3; Tr. 69).

         At the time of the hearings, the station employed 28 paid employees.  Three, the

Station Manager, the Program Director and the Development Director, are excluded from the

bargaining unit.  The remaining 25 paid employees break down as follows: 11 work full time,

35-hour 5-day weeks; one works a 30-hour-5-day week, 6 work half time (17.5 hours per week), 2

work 25 hours per week, one works 15 hours, 2 work 12 hours and one worked 5 hours.  All

were in the bargaining unit and were paid contract benefits according to their regular hours.

In addition, two were temporary employees filling in for regular employees - one who was on

maternity leave and one who was filling in 2 days a week for the Chief Announcer who was

attending school on these days.  As temporary employees, they were entitled to no benefits.

(Er.Ex. 2; Tr. 48)

         Under the agreement, full time employees receive 14 paid holidays; full medical,

dental and health benefits paid by

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