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         Section 22 - Coverage of duties - Requiring a payment for covering a paid job.

         Section 23 - Leaves of absence

         Section 24 - Medical Plan

         Section 25 - Helth Leave

         Section 26 - Dental Plan

         Section 28 - Disability

         Section 32 - Bereavement

         Section 33 - Tax Sheltered Annuity

         Thus, the great bulk of the agreement covering wages, fringe benefits, hours and terms 
and conditions of employment apply only to the paid staff.  The provisions on unit recognition, 
sale of the station, management rights and management responsibilities and union bulletin
board - all union institutional provisions - apply generally.

         Two clauses provide payments generally: Reimbursement for expenses and child care 
expenses.  In the latter case, the Chief Steward, Paul Martin, did not know of any instances
where unpaid volunteers received child care moneys. (Tr. 231).

         The hiring of paid staff is subject to the procedures of the collective bargaining 
agreement; that is that a job is posted and resumes are received.  The Applicant Review
Committee, which is comprised of the general manager or his or her designee, the director
or coordinator of the area in which the position exists, a paid staff member, an unpaid member
and an Affirmative Action Officer.  The Committee interviews the applicants and

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