This is the motion that I brought to the WBAI LSB at its meeting of October 31, 2007.

The WBAI LSB most strongly urges WBAI and Pacifica Management to immediately cease the unilateral salary cuts it has illegally imposed on the WBAI Paid Staff, and to come into compliance with the collective bargaining agreement it has with AFTRA, and to comply with the Pacifica National Board motion of September 30, 2007, which requires Management to consult with AFTRA and observe the terms of the labor contract currently in effect.

Unfortunately, the WBAI LSB did not pass this motion, nor any other related to the unilateral salary cuts.

Here is the E-mail I sent to the WBAI Producers' lists, interim Executive Director Dan Siegal, the Pacifica National Board and sundry others about this issue 2 days earlier.

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