The Complaint attached hereto alleges that the Respondent has violated certain sections of the National Labor Relations Act and a formal hearing has been scheduled with respect thereto. By this notice I wish to call the attention of all parties to the policy of this Agency favoring a settlement of cases notwithstanding that a Complaint has issued. It is the position of the Agency that an early settlement will be an advantage to all parties because it eliminates, among other things, the time and expense involved in formal litigation of a matter. In furtherance of this policy the Board agent with whom you have dealt or the attorney to whom the matter has been assigned for trial, will contact the representatives of the Respondent and the Charging Party within a matter of days for the purpose of engaging in intensive discussions to determine whether or not a settlement can be achieved. All of the facilities of this office are available to the parties in furthering the achievement of a satisfactory disposition of the matter which will be consistent with the purposes and policies of the National Labor Relations Act.

-------------------------------------- Daniel Silverman
Daniel Silverman
Regional Director
National Labor Relations Board
Region 2

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