Pacifica Fiscal Accountability Policy - 2010

Subject: [WBAI-LSB-PUBLIC] PNB fiscal accountability proposal
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 10:54:26 -0500
From: R. Paul Martin

A proposal passed the NFC last night wrt fiscal accountability at Pacifica. The NFC endorsed a draft proposal to change the way that Pacifica handles its money. The entire proposal has some confidential parts to it, but the part below was read out over the public stream last night, so it can be sent out publicly.
How would the system work?

The National Office would create 6 "Station Revenue Accounts" one for each of the five stations and one for the archives in the cities where they are located. Both the National Office and designated station personnel could monitor their respective accounts, e.g., WBAI and National Office could monitor the WBAI Revenue Account, the Archives and National Office could monitor the Archives Revenue Account, etc. Only the National Office could transfer funds out of these Revenue Accounts.

- All revenues received by the station would be deposited in the revenue account.
- On the first of each month, the National Office would transfer the budgeted funds for each station to the station Operating Account (excluding payroll expenses). Stations would have total control of their Operating Account.
- Payroll expenses for each station would be transferred to the National Office Payroll Account (National Office issues all payroll checks).
- Central Services allocation for each station would be transferred to the National Office Account.
- Restricted funds would be transferred to the Station Restricted Account(s). Restricted Accounts would belong to the respective stations, e.g., KPFA Restricted Account, Heath Fund; WPFW Restricted Account, Dr. Leonard Fund, etc. The National Office would control the Restricted Accounts.
- Any exception to the above would require the approval of the NFC and/or the PNB.

This system will provide fiscal accountability in the areas of 1) Collection, 2) Deposits, and 3) Expenditures.

- All funds collected will be deposited in the Station Revenue Account. This includes: checks, credit card contributions, Pay Pal, Lock Box, Federal and other grant income. I will institute a study to determine that we are using the most expeditious means of collection.
- Deposits will be monitored and reconciled by the National Office.
- Expenditures will be limited to the monthly deposit to the Operating Account. This will ensure that each station operates within its budget. In order to be accountable to the board, the National Office has to control the purse strings. There will be a "contingency amount" in each Station Operating Account to allow for emergency and unexpected expenses. The station will have to account for these contingency funds before they will be replenished.

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