My notes for my speech upon being nominated for the position of Staff Director.

I would make an excellent Director.

I know that the Pacifica Foundation is a not for profit organization incorporated according to the laws of the State of California. I do not think that the Pacifica Foundation exists for the purpose of getting me a job or furthering my political ambitions.

Therefore if elected as a Director I would bring the concerns of the Staff to the PNB. I would not use the position of Director to try to edge Unionized Paid Staff out of their jobs so that I could get a patronage job. I would not use my position as Director to try to coerce Management into giving me a patronage job.

I would bring the concerns of the Staff of WBAI about the continued existence of the radio station to the attention of the PNB.

I would not cover up wrongdoing at the station. I would not attempt to interfere with other Directors' absolute right to inspect the books and physical plant of radio stations. I would in fact encourage other Directors to exercise their rights and obligations as Directors.

Other Directors know me and trust me.

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