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         WBAI began in 1960 as a nonprofit corporation which operates a listener sponsored

non-commercial FM radio station (T., p. 29 LL. 4-5; T., p. 108 LL. 8-12) The station

operates 24 hours a day (T., p. 29 LL. 8-9), 365 days per year (T., p. 122 L. 25).  At

present there are approximately 14 full time paid staff, approximately 14 half or part

time paid staff (T., p. 45 LL. 5-25), and between 180 and 200 unpaid staff (T., p. 120 L.

16; T., p. 24 LL. 10-11) organized in a number of departments (T., p. 29 LL. 4-9).  The

general manager is the chief executive officer. (T., p.28 LL 13-23 ). Reporting to her are

the business director, the development director, the program director, the operations

director, the chief engineer, and the folio editor. (Ex.  E-1). The program manager is

responsible for all programming at the station and oversees the public affairs, arts and

culture, and news departments. (T., p. 33 LL. 7-25 -- p. 34 LL.2-5). In addition, several

on-air producers and hosts report directly to the program director. (T., p. 34 LL 4-5)

The directors of the public affairs, news and arts and culture department, who report to 

the program manager, are all paid staff bargaining unit positions. (T., p. 34.  LL. 6-25

-- p. 35 LL.  I7) The development director oversees the development department, which is

responsible for direct mail renewals, telemarketing and off air fundraising projects.

(T., p. 40 LL. 20-25 -- p. 41 L. 1) The general manager, program manager and development

director are the only positions currently excluded from the bargaining unit. (Ex.  J- IA)

         The operations department maintains studio facilities, helps with production

work and engineering and with the console board operation for WBAI broadcasts. (T., p.

38 LL. 23-25) The operations director is paid staff in the bargaining unit (T., p. 39

LL. 1-8) as is the business manager (T., p. 42 L. 20).  The folio editor is responsible

for the program guide or folio, which is


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