- 38 -
         Finally, the Union respectfully requests that the Employer-Respondent's petitions be 

dismissed for failure to comply with the reasonable orders of the Hearing Officer to file

evidence to supplement to record.

         Dated at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this 13th day of August 1996.

                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                            OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL UNITED
                                            ELECTRICAL, RADIO AND MACHINE WORKERS
                                            OF AMERICA (UE)

                                            Polly J. Halfkenny, Staff Attorney
                                            United Electrical, Radio and Machine
                                            Workers of America (UE)
                                            2400 Oliver Building
                                            535 Smithfield Street
                                            Pittsburgh, PA 15222
                                            Telephone:     412/471-8919
                                            Facsimile:     412/471-8999


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