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         On July 30, the Employer-Petitioner, by letter to the Regional Director, confirmed the 

parties' joint telephonic request for a seven day extension of time to file briefs.  On July 31, 

the Union by letter confirmed its joining in the request was contingent on the Employer's filing 

the required documents with the Hearing Officer by August 1, and immediately providing copies to 

the Union.  On August 2, the Regional Director extended the time to submit briefs to August 14.

         On August 2, the Union received copies of the documents the Employer filed with the 

Hearing office. Missing from documents were the purchase orders for the past two years

reflecting the payment received for unpaid staff for special projects.  On August 8, 1996,

the Union requested that the Regional Director keep the record open until all of the requested

documents are received, by the Regional Office of the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB"

or the "Board" herein), simultaneously informing the Employer's counsel of the missing



         The Union renews its Motion to Dismiss Petitions and Motion Requesting Regional

Director to Rule on Blocking Nature of Pending Unfair labor Practice Charges. (U. Ex. 10) For

the reasons stated in the Motions, this case should be dismissed.  This is not a unit 

clarification petition as filed, but rather a petition to decertify the Union without any

showing of interest in support thereof.  The Employer-Petitioner is attempting to exclude

approximately 200 "unpaid staff" from the existing Unit of approximately 228 employees.  The

parties history of collective bargaining has included these employees in the unit, and their

title as "unpaid staff" is actually a misnomer as will be reflected in the record herein.


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