What Happened to the February 5th Program?

We apologize to all of our listeners for the screwup that happened with this program. We had been informed that we were preempted for an Al Jazeera pitching session, but the people who officially told us that in an E-mail, the interim Program Director and the Public Affairs Director, made a mistake. There was no Al Jazeera pitching session and there had never been one planned. On January 26, we'd been given “The tentative fund drive schedule” on a chart which you can see here. It clearly shows Al Jazeera in our time slot and says, “Al Jazeera English News / Public Affairs 5-6 am - 15 Minutes Pitch.” Because the E-mail we got said it was a tentative schedule I sent an E-mail to the Program Director and the Public Affairs Director with a cc to the General Manager on Monday, January 31, asking for confirmation of our preemption one way or the other. We received no replies. On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 2, we spoke to the General Manager about it and he said that the posted schedule was no longer tentative and that we were preempted. That made it official as far was we were concerned and so we didn't show up for the program. We found out too late that Al Jazeera was not in fact scheduled to pitch in this time slot.

We'd like to thank Maxwell J. Schmid, Simon Loekle and Ken Gale for filling in, letting listeners know what had happened and for their kind words.

We are not preempted on February 19, so we hope that you'll all contribute when we pitch then.

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