Fax Pacifica!

Job actions have been ongoing at Pacifica radio station WBAI.

The one held on March 6, 1997, was part of a Pacifica-wide job action which asked listeners and listener-sponsors to fax a form in to the Management of the station.

Although this action is way in the past now the attempt to bust the Union at WBAI continues. So you are still encouraged to fax your protest to Pacifica/WBAI Management.

Here's our leaflet about the March 6, action.

Below is the link to an updated fax form. With most browsers just click on your “PRINT” icon and it should print out. Then you can fill it out and fax it in. Of course if you want to add something or your own to the fax, or even attach a letter to Pacifica/WBAI Management that would be great too!


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