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Find out about the WBAI move to 120 Wall St.

Well, you know, I should have learned by now that any link to anything in the New York Times is going to be broken by them within a couple of days. On this date they had a piece about WBAI's move and a small mention of the labor problems at the station on the bottom of the page. I guess you'll have to take my word for it or else do a search of their site for any mentions of WBAI.

The Pacifica National Board meeting

We can't talk about it on the air, but there was a Pacifica National Board meeting this weekend in Secaucus, NJ. The Pacifica Foundation owns WBAI. If you look around this site you'll find out a number of things about the Pacifica Foundation. I'm a producer on WBAI, but I'm also the Chief Steward in the Union there. Here's R. Paul Martin's statement to the Pacifica National Board on June 14th, 1998.

The Internet & Rights

Links related to the kid who wants to learn about Wicca.

She goes to Winter High School

Here are some folks who aren't too worried about Wicca: Institute for the Study of American Religion.

Sites the kid says she was barred from viewing:

Of course I don't endorse any of this because it's all just superstition to me, along with the entire Judeo-Christian, etc. tradition. But, hell, a kid should be allowed to consider belief systems!

The libel law problem

Here's a piece on "defamation" and the Internet and how it relates to those wacky English laws.

Here are some Deja News archives about the guy who's doing the suing: Dr. Laurence Godfrey. And here are Deja News archives, some of which are posted by Dr. Godfrey himself. Here are some more recent postings by Dr. Godfrey.

Here's a piece written about these issues in ancient times, all of three years ago!

And here's a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

The article in the Times was written by Carl S. Kaplan. If you'd like to contact him about this stuff they say he welcomes your comments and suggestions.

On the other hand, the Digital Freedom Foundation posts banned things on line.

From our Mailbag

Rob G from Avenue B took this photograph of a comet from atop his Manhattan apartment building. The comet its at the very top of the photograph.

A comet from Manhattan

Rob G from Avenue B can be reached via E-mail from his band's Web site.

WBAI related links

Union bulletin #11

Free Pacifica Web site

WBAI Listeners' Web page

WBAI Management's official Web site

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