WBAI LSB Meeting — May 12, 2021

The one hundred ninety seventh WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) meeting was held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, via Zoom due to the pandemic. This is not an official Web page of the LSB.

The WBAI LSB meeting of May 12, 2021, started as a regular LSB meeting then went into a Delegates Assembly and then went back to the regular LSB meeting.

The LSB passed the following:

Motion: (James Sagurton) The WBAI LSB recommends to the PNB that they adopt the following resolution:

Whereas, a political, frivolous and dilatory nuisance lawsuit has been filed by Donald Goldmacher, et al against Alex Steinberg and Grace Aaron falsely accusing them of damaging Pacifica in their roles as Pacifica National Board Chair and Pacifica National Board Secretary respectively and,

Whereas, the initial filings by Goldmacher et al were replete with falsehoods, incorrect and outdated information indicative of the frivolity of the lawsuit against our Officers and,

Whereas, defending Pacifica's officers from harassment in the form of lawsuits that abuse legal process for political purposes related to an ongoing Pacifica referendum and internal Pacifica politics is Pacifica's policy and,

Whereas, Pacifica should not have to bear the onerous cost of such legal actions against its officers,

Therefore, be it resolved that the PNB will vigorously pursue Goldmacher et al for full reimbursement for any and all legal expenses and court fees related to the defense of our Officers in this matter.
(Passed without objection)

The National Election Supervisor says I have to post the following disclaimer in order to be allowed to post the motions passed by the WBAI Delegates Assembly at this meeting.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Pacifica Foundation website nor an official website of any of the five Pacifica Foundation radio stations (KPFA Radio, KPFK Radio, KPFT Radio, WBAI Radio, WPFW Radio). Opinions and facts alleged on this site belong to the author(s) of the website only and should NOT be assumed to be true or to reflect the editorial stance or policy of the Pacifica Foundation, or any of the five stations (KPFA Radio, KPFK Radio, KPFT Radio, WBAI Radio, WPFW Radio), or the opinions of its management, Pacifica National Board, station staff or other listener members.

Renée A Peñaloza
2021 National Election Supervisor
Pacifica Foundation

The WBAI Delegates Assembly

The WBAI LSB went into a Delegates Assembly at 7:48 PM (ET). This public Delegates Assembly meeting addressed the current bylaws referendum that's happening in Pacifica.

Motion: (Marilyn Vogt-Downey) Proposed Resolution for the WBAI LSB to:

Reject the 2021 Proposed Changes in the Pacifica Bylaws:

Whereas, WBAI and the other four Pacifica stations are listener-funded, community radio stations that rely to survive on their ties with the communities they serve, and

Whereas, WBAI seeks to both deepen and to strengthen its links with the listener-area it serves, and

Whereas, a vital component in WBAI's links with the communities it serves is its elected Local Station Board, whose members are put forth from and elected by the WBAI broadcast community through a membership vote, and

Whereas, the current Pacifica Bylaws in the Specific Powers and Duties of the Local Station Boards define and mandate specific ways in which the elected Local Station Boards hold the Management of the station accountable to the Board, listeners and Staff who elected it, and

Whereas, all these Powers and Duties would be eliminated by these proposed Bylaws changes, and the locally-elected Local Station Board would be totally abolished, and

Whereas, the current Pacifica National Board that governs Pacifica at the national level that is now democratically elected by the Local Station Board at each station would be totally eliminated and replaced by a national board of 15 members, with only one director elected from each station, and

Whereas, the body called the Local Station Board would be stripped of its governance authority and have no powers or say at all over our station WBAI, its programming, policies, or any related issues,

Whereas, this would be the death of WBAI as we know it and we could never get it back again,

Be it Resolved that:

The WBAI Local Station Board roundly rejects the Pacifica Bylaws changes being advocated by New Day Pacifica and urges all members of the WBAI staff--both paid and unpaid--and all WBAI members to vote NO! In the upcoming bylaws referendum.
(Passed without objection)

This next motion was the WBAI Delegates Assembly's official consideration of the bylaws replacement proposal.

Motion: (Alex Steinberg) Shall Pacifica adopt the amendments to the bylaws proposed by the New Day Pacifica group? (Fails 0 for, 18 against)

Apparently the awkward wording of the motion is how the proposal is supposed to be put to the Delegates Assembly. The bottom line is that everyone who was present and voting voted against the bylaws replacement proposal.

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