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         Martin testified that he helped out each year in the station's coverage of the Gay 

Lesbian Pride Rally. (Tr. 210).   The coverage is produced by a collective called Out FM, which 

produces a weekly program every Sunday night related to gay issues.  The collective is composed

of from 15 - 20 people, who, in varying numbers, produce the show. (Tr. 209).  Outside of the

Program Director, who determines that regular programming is to be preempted for coverage and

the News Director, a paid unit member, who acts as Executive Producer, the collective makes the

"real decisions" as to the contents of the coverage. (Tr. 213). Martins contribution to the show

is his skill at taping and editing out language that cannot be aired. (Tr. 211)

         The chief engineer and the maintenance engineer who covered the rally - are paid.

Others who did engineering were unpaid as well as some paid staff who volunteered their

services without compensation. (Tr.214).

         Martin testified that he had substituted for a paid employee some 10 or 12 years ago

and was paid at the time. (Tr. 244).

         Mimi Rosenberg, an unpaid producer who had been at the station for 28 years amplified

the altruistic relationship between the station and the volunteers.  This is, literally, a labor

of love.  Although employed as a full-time attorney for the Legal Aid Society, she devoted a 

tremendous amount of her time to producing a weekly program (five hours of prep time weekly, Tr. 

264) and was also producing "Union Summer on the Air." That

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