The E-mail below should be self explanatory. Especially amusing is the inclusion of disgraced ex-Mayor and crack-head Marion Barry.

Subject: UPDATE - Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 14:16:30 -0700
From: "Carol Spooner" <>
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July 13, 2001

Dear All -- A quick note -- the Pacifica Board majority has broken their stipulation [filed with the court] to give us 30 days' notice prior to any attempt to “elect” [illegally appoint] more directors. On July 10th they gave notice of intent to hold an “emergency” meeting of the board by telephone conference call at noon Pacifica time on July 17th to “elect” Susan Estrich, Marion Barry, James Ferguson, Dick Gregory and George Barnstone to the board of directors. They claim this is an “emergency” because some of their directors want to resign because of the protests against them.

Our lawyers are filing briefs at noon today seeking a restraining order preventing the “emergency” board meeting on the 17th. The board majority's briefs are due on Monday, the 16th. The judge will then rule sometime Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, presumably.

Never a dull moment!

Carol Spooner
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The California court which is presiding over the lawsuits has refused Pacifica Management's attempt to re-stack the Pacifica National Board through the tactic of calling a sudden “emergency” meeting. Mr. Wonderwheel, below, is a participant in these legal proceedings.

Subject: [NewPacifica] Judge denies "emergency " meeting.
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 10:49:41 -0700
From: "Gregory Wonderwheel" <>
To:, "Free Pac Recordist"

7/17/01 - The Alameda County Superior Court today upheld the request of the plaintiffs against the Pacifica National Board and ordered that the Pacifica National Board may not hold an “emergency” telephone meeting today in which they planned to elect replacement directors for those current directors who wish to resign as soon as possible. Judge Ronald M. Sabraw did not accept the director's claims that an emergency existed for the Pacifica Foundation. Judge Sabraw stated that any emergency which currently exists for the directors is merely personal to them and is not an emergency for the institution.

At the strong suggestion of the court, the plaintiffs and defendants had previously reached a stipulated agreement which in part required that any proposed addition or removal of directors by the board have 30-day notice. (The notice doesn't apply to the individual decision of any director to resign.) Such notice would give the plaintiffs time to review the proposed action and return to court with an objection within the normal time frame for such requests. Judge Sabraw held that Pacifica National Board would have to abide by the agreement and serve 30-day notice of any proposed election of board members.

Gregory Wonderwheel

Here is a statement from the plaintiffs and clients in this case on today's ruling.

It is reliably reported that one of those proposed new Board members, Susan Estrich, has withdrawn her name after receiving communications about the current Pacifica crisis via the Web site “Progressive Portal.” It is also possible that Dick Gregory has withdrawn his name as well.

Update 9/19/01Dick Gregory has since been seated on the Pacifica National Board.

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