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The Theft of Pacifica!

Events are proceeding rapidly regarding the theft of the Pacifica Foundation. The links below are separated into things that went on before the vote on February 28th, 1999, and things that have happened since. If you're unfamiliar with the issues, the first part, “The Prelude,” should fill you in rapidly. The second part, “The Aftermath,” should keep you up to date on this crisis in the Pacifica Foundation. Scroll down for the latest information, or click here.

The Prelude
Union Bulletin #12 Call for Picket Line at WBAI WBAI Local Board Resolution
The 2/22/99 radio program page Leaflet Passed Out at the WBAI Demonstration The press release about the WBAI Picket Line
The first article in Counterpunch The second article in Counterpunch
halfway down the page
Press Coverage of the WBAI Picket Line
San Francisco Bay Guardian article S.F. Bay Guardian Editorial Z Magazine - Article by former KPFK PD (1981-82)

The Aftermath
Z Magazine Transcript
of Public Session 2/28/99
Larry Bensky's public analysis of Pacifica 2/28/99 Cockburn's report on the vote
Free Pacifica page about the 2/28/99 events Anatomy of a Heist The WBAI Union page
Oakland Tribune East Bay Express Current Magazine
WBAI Local Board meeting 3/30/99 Popular KPFA GM fired! Official Pacifica line on firing
Larry Bensky counters official Pacifica line on firing Transcript of Larry Bensky's remarks KPFA Staff Web site
KPFA Staff statement on firing of their General Manager Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting group's statement on current Pacifica crises Current article on KPFA picket line 4/5/99
KPFA's 50th Birthday Committee walks out Alexander Cockburn on the latest KPFA turmoil Larry Bensky Fired!
Producers Threatened!
WBAI Staff letter of solidarity to the Staff of KPFA New York Daily News takes note of Pacifica turmoil Leaflet handed out at NYC demo against police brutality 4/15/99
Demonstration at KPFA 4/15/99
(news transcript)
Democracy Now interview with Lynn Chadwick et al. 4/16/99
Democracy Now interview with Lynn Chadwick et al. 4/16/99 (RealAudio)
Roberta Brooks (Pacifica National Board member) resigns! The Nation has run a very inaccurate article The WBAI Union replies to part of the Nation article
The Nation prints some edited letters, and a reply from the guy who wrote the inaccurate article Special: A short history of the crises that have gotten us to this point Pacifica Management brings in the “security guards” to intimidate KPFA Staff
NLRB issues complaint against Pacifica/WBAI Management for Unfair Labor Practices East Bay Express on KPFA's most successful fund drive Robbie Osman, 22 year veteran at KPFA, fired for breaking Pacifica “gag rule!”
A report on the 6/20/99, KPFA demonstration/camp-out from one of the demonstrators. KPFA News: Demonstration against firing of KPFA's Robbie Osman
14 arrested at KPFA demo!
San Francisco Chronicle coverage of the 14 arrests Z magazine has also covered this story Local Advisory Boards of three Pacifica stations to file suit against Pacifica
Pacifica Foundation to turn over 2,000 protest letters to police to be investigated for “violent tendencies”
Pacifica Board Chair Mary Frances Berry uses her influence to get Berkeley cops to be tougher on protestors
Staff door codes revoked and armed guards placed in KPFA lobby
Current is keeping up with the story Authenticated E-mail from Pacifica National Board member outlining plan for sale of KPFA Armed guards shut down KPFA News. Staff and protestors arrested!
San Francisco Examiner coverage of armed coup and demo on July 13
(video link on page)
Democracy Now! coverage on July 14 now available despite Pacifica Management censorship KQED's “Forum” with Michael Krasny discusses KPFA / Pacifica crisis
San Jose Mercury News “The Ear” radio column Political cartoon depicting Pacifica Management's new KPFA Current has a story on the lockout and protests at KPFA
Lawsuit filed against the theft of Pacifica Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) calls on Pacifica Management to resign Open Letter to Pacifica Management from WBAI/UE Local 404 about the current Pacifica Crisis
KPFA Staff denied files, is FBI having “field day?” Pacifica Management agrees to mediation: Progress or Delaying Tactic? New York Daily News gives readers a roundup of the latest events
Pacifica Management installs new lines to transmitter to facilitate scab radio Pacifica Management to spend estimated $250,000 on high powered “Crisis Management” PR firm Berkeley, CA City Council passes Pro-KPFA Staff motion
Pacifica National Board to vote on selling KPFA (7/28/99) A.P. story “Pacifica To Reopen Berkeley Station” Pacifica “Offer” to Reopen KPFA just a Media Ploy!
West County Times on KPFA Staff Reaction to Pacifica Management Announcement KPFA Press Conference & non-opening — Armed Guards Trashed the Place Confirmed: Expensive PR Firm & Pacifica Management Split
San Francisco Examiner coverage of huge rally for KPFA Pacifica Management Refuses to Allow transmitter Repair Current article on end of lockout (8/2/99)
Message of solidarity from Radio B92 (Yugoslavia) to KPFA and WBAI KPFA resumed broadcasting on 8/5/99 WBAI Local Advisory Board calls for resignations of Berry, Chadwick and National Board!
L.A. Weekly “Debate”
Pro-Staff side
L.A. Weekly “Debate”
Pro-Management side
The Nation has an editorial on the Pacifica crisis
Charge KPFK Staff being coerced into calling for dismissal of dissident Board members Dennis Bernstein replies to Pro-Management L.A. Weekly piece Other replies to L.A. Weekly piece
Pacifica Management refuses to attend Joint Legislative Audit Committee hearing! Three KPFA Staff members file Civil Right Charges against Pacifica Management S.F. Chronicle covers Legislative Committee proceedings
San Francisco Bay Guardian on Legislative Committee hearings New York Times ad regarding Pacifica Crisis
(Large Graphic)
KPFA Interview RE: Dr. Berry's remarks at WBAI 8/24/99
KPFA Interview RE: Dr. Berry's remarks at WBAI 8/24/99
Pacifica Management Agrees to Release Financial Information Petition the FCC to Prevent the Sale of Pacifica Stations
Reporter Banned from KPFK for reporting on Pacifica Crisis The Article That the Reporter Was Banned For Writing KPFA News Story on the Banning
NLRB Orders Unpaid Staff Removed From WBAI Union After Management Appeal Pacifica Management Admits Spending Nearly Half Million Dollars on KPFA Lockout Enfoque Latino program purged from KPFK for breaking “gag rule”
San Francisco Chronicle coverage of Pacifica Management's Six Figure Profligacy Pacifica Management Spent $428,315 on KPFA Lockout: Some Details Berkeley Top Cop Calls Pacifica Management “Culprits”
City of Berkeley asks Pacifica to reimburse $200,000 Robert W. McChesney in The Nation with some thoughts on Pacifica's Summer Elected Leaders Back KPFA Fund Drive, Pledge to Fight Sale of Station
Salon magazine on Mary Frances Berry & Pacifica Daily News Coverage of WBAI Staff demonstration
(bottom of page)
Pacifica National Board to Ban Public From “Public Session!”
S.F. Chronicle: Pacifica Management Relents, Allows Public To View Proceedings Houston Chronicle: Pacifica Governing Board Votes To Not Sell Stations S.F. Bay Guardian on Pacifica Management's Houston Weekend
Pacifica Network News Chief Reports Facts For 20 Seconds, Loses Job Page of letters protesting Dan Coughlin's firing WBAI Union's Open Letter to Pacifica Management RE: Dan Coughlin firing
The N.Y. Daily News coverage of the Dan Coughlin firing Current Article On Staff Protests Of Dan Coughlin Firing WORT-FM Goes on “Rent Strike” Against Pacifica For Shoddy Satellite Service And Coughlin Firing
Listeners File New Suit Against Pacifica, Seek To Remove National Board WPFW Dumps Counterspin: Move Seen As Censorship Pacifica Foundation HQ moved to Washington, D.C. Under Cover of Night
San Francisco Chronicle: Pacifica Seeks “Easier Access To Federal Agencies” Pacifica Network News Reporters & Stringers Threaten Strike Reporters and Stringers for Pacifica Network News Hold Rally and Commence Strike
WBAI/UE Local 404 Statement of Support for PNN Job Action Washington Times: Nat Hentoff On Pacifica Crisis Yahoo!: Berry To Leave, Chadwick Out, 5 New Board Members Seated
Verna Avery-Brown's Speech About Leaving Pacifica Network News
N.Y. Daily News: Pacifica Conflicts & Changes Current's coverage of 2/00, Pacifica National Board Meeting
The Nation Has Run a Very Inaccurate Article Favoring Pacifica Management Here's Some Reader Comment on The Nation's Article, You May Comment Too Pacifica Network News Reporters & Stringers Vote to Extend Job Action Indefinitely
Judge Rules LAB Lawsuit Against Pacifica Management May Go Forward Letter in reply to the Inaccurate Article in The Nation Alternative Press Review “The Fight for Free Speech Radio” by Lyn Gerry
Pacifica LAB Members File For Injunction Against Pacifica National Board A Report on the June 9-11, Pacifica National Board Meeting Audio Excerpts of the June 9-11, Pacifica National Board Meeting
California Joint Legislative Audit Committee Issues Report on Pacifica's Actions
(MS Word Document)
San Francisco Chronicle on California Investigation of Pacifica Crisis Two Board Members to Pacifica National Board: Cease Illegal & Improper Actions
Pacifica Management Hires Another Expensive Public Relations Firm Listeners Granted Standing to Sue Pacifica Management by CA Attorney General Listeners Serve Pacifica National Board With Legal Complaint
Two Pacifica National Board Members Sue Pacifica Over Unlawful Actions Pacifica to Displace Local Advisory Boards with Selected Cliques Z Magazine Comments and Memo from Amy Goodman RE: Crackdown on Democracy Now!
Z Magazine Call to Action on Pacifica Crisis The Media Alliance calls for Demonstration for Democracy Now! Pacifica Management Statement about Democracy Now!
WBAI/UE Local 404 Statement of Support for Democracy Now! Independent Coverage of Rally for Democracy Now! at WBAI Lawyer for Amy Goodman responds to Pacifica Management's Disinformation
The Nation: “Goodman and Democracy Now! belong on Pacifica” Pacifica Fires WBAI GM Valerie Van Isler New York Times on WBAI's Management Crisis
Newsday on WBAI Midnight Coup Some WBAI Producers Forcibly Kept Out Utrice Leid Denies Amy Goodman Entry to WBAI
NY Daily News on WBAI Firings KPFA Special on the WBAI Crisis Interview With Fired WBAI PD & Worker
Management Memos to WBAI Staff Interim GM Utrice Leid and Pacifica ED Bessie Wash On WBAI 12/26/00
Interim GM Utrice Leid and Pacifica ED Bessie Wash On WBAI 12/26/00
NY Daily News on New WBAI Regime NY Times on 1/6/01 Demo at WBAI Proposed Pacifica National Board Member Withdraws
WBAI Union Statements Regarding Midnight Coup & Aftermath Time Magazine on WBAI Midnight Coup & Pacifica 8 Arrested at Epstein, Becker & Green Demo in S.F.
WBAI Management Arrests LAB Members & Others Proposed New Bylaws for Pacifica Foundation Democracy Now! Co-Producer Resigns On Air
Pacifica Board Members' Depositions Available On Web
(updated frequently)
N.Y. Daily News: Remainder of WBAI Morning Show Removed Pacifica Foundation Attacks Listener Web Sites
Open letter to the Pacifica Board from the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pacifica National Board Meets in Houston
(updated 3/7/01)
WBAI Producer & Congressman Owens Cut Off Air - Live
Rep. Major Owens on House Floor: “Radio Free Speech is Being Denied in New York City” Fired Pacifica Network News Chief Dan Coughlin on Pacifica Management's Government Entanglements Pacifica Management Strikes Back - Labels Opposition “Violent”
Critics of Pacifica Management Call Accusations of Violence “Shockingly False” Beth Lyons Quits Pacifica National Board Over “Violence” Press Release Nat Hentoff in Village Voice “WBAI: Beijing Radio, New York”
Newsday: Congress to Hold Hearings on WBAI Debacle
(half way down page)
Pacifica Foundation to Sue Listeners Over Web Sites N.Y. Daily News: New York City Council Holds Hearing on WBAI
Pacifica Lawyers Back Off Threats to Sue Listener Web Sites Washington Post RE: Congressional Forum on Pacifica Crisis Pacifica National Board Member Michael Palmer Resigns
Progressive Congressional Caucus Forum on Pacifica Crisis
N.Y. Daily News: “Nothing Personal” in Democracy Now! preemptions
(half way down page)
Previously Unknown Listener Group Attempts to Force Way Onto WBAI Air
Pacifica Board Chair David Acosta & Board Member Karolyn Van Putten Quit Pacifica Management Hires Yet Another Public Relations Firm WBAI Union Bulletin
Vol. 2 #1
Dissident Pacifica National Board Members RE: Meetings & FBI Involvement Historian Matthew Lasar's Open Letter on FBI Involvement Pacifica National Board Announces Intent to Illegally Appoint “Poison Pill” Members
Court Issues Restraining Order Against Pacifica National Board “Emergency” Tactic Pacifica National Board Member Andrea Cisco Agrees to Resign Pacifica Management's Oddly Formatted Response to Restraining Order
Pacifica Management Fires Lawyers, Seeks Worse Firm Democracy Now! Vacates WBAI Studios for 8/14/01 Broadcast Pacifica Management Statement About 8/14/01 Democracy Now! Broadcast
Pacifica Campaign Statement About 8/14/01 Democracy Now! Broadcast Amy Goodman Suspended — Democracy Now! in Reruns Man Accused of Assault by Pacifica Management Has All Charges Dismissed
Pacifica Management to Try Again to Stack National Board Mainstream News Service Scabs Democracy Now! Another Unsigned Nation Editorial In Favor of Pacifica Management
Michael Albert in Z Magazine Responds to Nation Editorial Majority of Pacifica National Board Demands Return of Democracy Now! to Air Nobel Peace Prize winner Defends Amy Goodman
Jesse Jackson & Danny Glover Call on Pacifica Management to Stop Blocking Democracy Now! Pacifica National Program Director Resigns Nat Hentoff in Village Voice “WBAI = Anti-Free-Speech Radio”
Utrice Leid Named Pacifica National Program Director - New GM Imposed on WBAI Pacifica National Board Stacked, Including New Foundation Officers
(updated 10/3/01)
15 Radio Stations Dump Pacifica, Start “Affiliates in Exile”
IRS Forms Show Pacifica Management Spending Half Million on Lawyers, $1.5 Million on “Miscellaneous” New Pacifica National Board Chair Announces “Peace Initiative” Dissident Board Members Respond to Chair's “Peace Initiative”
Pacifica Near Bankruptcy — KPFA Takeover or Shutdown Threatened S.F. Examiner: Pacifica Vice Chair Ford: Sale of WBAI & KPFA “Just Common Sense” Pacifica Executive Director Bessie Wash Fired
“Dissident” Board Member on Wash Firing Pacifica Vice Chair Ford Says Stations Not for Sale - Backs Off Linking Pacifica Campaign to al-Qaeda Mediation Between Some Lawsuit Plaintiffs & Pacifica National Board Begins Nov. 1
Pacifica Vice Chair Ken Ford Quits Dissidents “Confident” That a Negotiated Settlement Is Near
updated 11/6/01
Current Magazine Publishes “Summary of Settlement”
Mediations Between Lawsuit Plaintiffs & Pacifica National Board Fail—Court date 1/7/02
(updated 11/09/01)
Possible Lawsuit Settlement Agreement From Pacifica National Board Lawsuit Settlement Attempt Fails
Pro Forma “Mandatory Settlement Conference” Set for December 11, 2001 National Program Director Utrice Leid Is Fired/Resigns Settlement Signed, Lawsuits To Be Dropped
Settlement “Fully Executed” — iPNB To Convene Within Week — Bannings Continue iPNB Meets - Democracy Now! To Return, Other Decisions Up To Judge iPNB Member Barney Goodman Resigns
Pacifica GMs Revolt! - Actions May Threaten Network
( updated 2/1/02)
KPFT's GM Garland Ganter & PD Mary Ramirez Resign
(updated 1/10/02)
Judge Issues “Minute Order” on iPNB Motions: “Gag Rule” Dead
Pacifica Executive Director Joanne Meredith Resigns on Eve of iPNB Meeting iPNB Returns All WBAI Fired & Banned to WBAI—Fires GM Daughtry & Others iPNB member Wendell Johns Resigns
Full Text of the “WBAI Committee” Resolutions Dan Coughlin Appointed Interim Executive Director of Pacifica Foundation Summary of Motions Passed at the January 2002 iPNB Meeting
KPFK GM Mark Shubb Replaced Audit Finds Pacifica Foundation $4.8 million in debt WBAI Paid Staff Offered Buyouts For Financial & Political Reasons
(updated 2/23/2002)
Pacifica Audit of 2/5/2002 released
(updated 4/12/2002)
Pacifica Network News Liquidated WBAI GM Valerie Van Isler “Promoted” Again
Summary of Motions Passed at the March 2002 iPNB Meeting Pacifica Bylaws Revision Committees Set Up In Each Listening Area PNN Stringer Strike Settled (even though PNN no longer exists)
iPNB Meets For 3rd Time; Many Decisions Made Democracy Now! Contract Sparks Controversy
(updated 7/24/02)
iPNB Phone Meeting Stops Move to Berkeley
iPNB Meets in Houston, TX 9/20-22/2002
Move to Berkeley Reinstated
iPNB Meets in Washington, D.C. 10/13-14/2002
Spins Wheels on Bylaws
iPNB Meets in Houston, TX 11/22-24/2002
More on Bylaws
iPNB Meets in Washington, D.C. 12/6-8/2002
More Debates on Bylaws
Lawyer to iPNB - Bylaws Diversity “Requirements” Illegal Proposed Pacifica Bylaws Published in “Grid” Format
Judge Rules Pacifica Has Bylaws, Orders Elections to Begin Immediately iPNB Meets In NYC September 19-21, 2003 Pacifica Foundation Election Schedule Posted
All 5 Pacifica Stations Elect Local Station Boards
The Pacifica Foundation Begins Anew — February 2004

With the convening of the new, elected Local Station Boards the Pacifica Foundation and its five radio stations have entered a new era. This ends the era of the Theft of Pacifica and starts a new Pacifica Foundation. This page will be left in this, its final state after five years of activity, for historical purposes.

Listener Lawsuits (updated 2/23/2002) The listeners' lawsuit has been settled.

Read the transcript of the June 27, 1999, Pacifica National Board meeting. Why did it take Pacifica Management six months to finally publish a transcript of a public part of a meeting? Why is the original version on the Pacifica Foundation web site broken up into 143 parts and formatted so badly that it's difficult to read? We can't answer those questions, but we can present the transcript formatted so that you can actually read it. Thanks to Gary Evans for reformatting the mess Pacifica Management had originally presented into a readable transcript.

Here are the transcripts of the Pacifica National Board meetings from September 1997, through September 2000.

Photographs from some of the demonstrations.

A Web page indexing even more photographs related to this struggle.

The Theory of Listener-Sponsored Radio by Lew Hill, late founder of the Pacifica Foundation

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